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Why You Might Need an API | 19 CHAPTER 3 Understanding the API Value Chain Browser-based web apps represent a direct channel right from you to the consumer; consumers buy goods or services directly from you via your website. It’s important to recognize that APIs represent an indirect channel for working with channel partners (developers) to reach end users. To really understand what we mean by an indirect channel, we need to look at an example of a direct channel. In the early 1900s, people in the New York City garment district sold clothes right from the same building where they made the clothes.

Here are the elements of a private API value chain: The business assets In private APIs, a company may have no interest or right in having these business assets used outside of their organization or outside of a tightly controlled domain. The apps created by private use of APIs may or may not be used in public. For example, a company might want to make operational data more easily available to decision makers, or might want to reach a partner’s customer base. The API provider The API provider is often the same party as the owner of the business assets.

Being at the forefront of technology and being open about those efforts draws people into the company and gets them excited about it. If people are excited about this work, they may be interested in working for you to help make it better. Unlike private APIs, public APIs make it possible for potential recruits to be aware of your great work. When considering this aspect of the public API value proposition, be thoughtful about how PR can play into it. In addition to having a public API, think about writing blog posts about the progress of the API or asking the community questions about how to make it better.

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