Amphibious Warfare by Ian Speller, Christopher Tuck, PDF

By Ian Speller, Christopher Tuck,

ISBN-10: 1862271364

ISBN-13: 9781862271364

A whole background of the speculation and perform of amphibious operations within the twentieth century. The textual content takes the reader via a stage-by-stage account of amphibious tactical operations, and contains technical details.

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In 1492 the last Muslim kingdom in the Iberian Peninsula ceased to exist. In 1571 the Battle of Lepanto marked the beginning of a centuries-long period, sometimes known as the “Colombian” period, during which no one so much as tried to match European fleets. [3] Driven by their greed, their dream of spreading “the true” religion, various strategic considerations—and not least, sheer lust for adventure—small parties of European men advanced. Among the first and most audacious of the parties in question were the ones headed by Hernán Cortés and Francisco Pizarro.

None of this prevented them from pushing forward with a determination and ruthlessness that, in retrospect, appear almost superhuman. The largest, stormiest oceans on earth could not stop them. Nor could the immense empty spaces of North America and Siberia, the jungles of Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa, and the mountains of Afghanistan (though the savage tribes of the last-named country eventually did). ”[4] Scant wonder that wherever he and the others went, they inspired terror and respect.

In some places, that is still the case. [42] To protect them against gaining weighty, they are prohibited from consuming soft drinks as well as many kinds of food including, one is not surprised to learn, some of those they like best. [43] The right of young women to have an abortion without parental consent is being curtailed. That, of course, is but a natural consequence of sexual activity among consenting minors being demonized and banned. The expression “puppy love” speaks for itself. Having taken off around 1900 and remaining in frequent use today, its purpose is to trivialize the emotions of the young by implying that they are incapable of experiencing the most important emotion of all.

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