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Our begin Exploring™ introductory texts, awarded in coloring-book shape, are loved by means of adults in addition to little ones. they supply significant introductions to complicated topics in an easy available means.

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It also had teeth in the front of its mouth, a primitive feature not present in advanced stegosaurs. The best-known and largest stegosaur is, of course, Stegosaurus itself. This dinosaur wore two rows of skin plates, some 2 feet high and 2 feet wide, and four tail spikes that faced backwards. A stegosaur's tail spikes were formidable weapons. A stegosaur could swing its tail with enough force to fatally wound any theropod foolish enough to pursue it for dinner. Many an Allosaurus must have been painfully discouraged from its meal after being cut by the tail spikes of a Stegosaurus.

Some dinosaurs have been named based upon the discovery of only a partial bone, or fossil scrap. In fact, most dinosaur skeletons on display are at least partially incomplete and had to be reconstructed with bones from other species or resculptured. Fossils are vital clues to the great mystery that is the history of Earth. They are pieces of a vast puzzle that will probably never be completebut it's a challenge to try. Page 11 Page 12 Dinosaur Hunters The science of ancient living beings, called paleontology, is the study of fossils.

The "smartness" of a troodontid was most likely related to basic behavior such as reflexes and limb control, not to any kind of reasoning. (For example, no dinosaur was intelligent enough to open a door. ) Page 47 Page 48 Troodontids were real terrors of the night. They probably hunted mammals, lizards, and other small animals when it was too dark for other theropods to see well. Moving swiftly and nimbly, they could catch their unsuspecting prey with their long grasping hands. " But they were not related to these ground-dwelling birds, though they may have looked like dinosaurian versions of them.

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