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A global background of Tax Rebellions is an exhaustive reference resource for over 4,300 years of riots, rebellions, protests, and battle prompted by means of abusive taxation and tax accumulating platforms worldwide. all of the chronologically prepared entries specializes in a particular ancient occasion, interpreting its roots, and socio-economic context.

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2, book 4. : Harvard University Press, 1999. c. 220 BC Tax Farming Controversy (Palestine, Egyptian Kingdom), effort by Joseph, son of Joseph bar Tobias, to control tax farming in Palestine under the rule of Ptolemy IV (221–204 BC) that generated antitax riots. Joseph, a Hellenized Jew, had grown fairly wealthy as a tax farmer for Ptolemy IV in Koile Syria; but he wished to control Ptolemy’s collection of taxes in Palestine, which were farmed. His campaign to secure this tax farming entailed accusing his uncle Onias, high priest of the Jews, of fiscal malfeasance and de manding that Onias surrender his supervision of tax collecting in Palestine.

Through the confiscations of the al-musadara system, large quantities of money in the coffers of wealthy men were returned to circulation. Provincial governors used various pretexts for extorting the fines, which were usually paid not only by the rich men but also by their relatives, employees, and servants. The significance of the fines as a source of revenue is reflected in the fact that in the year 923–924 fines imposed by alMuhassin during the third vizierate of his father, Ibn al-Furat, totaled 6,575,680 dinars and 5,300,000 dirhams, whereas in 918 the total tax revenues of the caliphate had amounted to only 14,501,904 dinars.

S. government, with potential losses of tens of billions of dollars in tax revenues. Pursuing this trend, a company does not establish its headquarters in Bermuda but creates one or more subsidiaries there or in another tax haven, then transfers its intellectual property—for example, trademarks and patents—to the subsidiary by selling the intellectual property to it at, of course, an advantageous price. Simpson (“A New Twist…”). ” All of the royalties the subsidiary received must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), but it transfers only a small part of them to the United States and pays taxes on that part; the retained royalties stay with the subsidiary tax free and can be invested in overseas expansion by the parent company.

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