New PDF release: A Multi-Gear Strategy for Economic Recovery

By A. Rayman

ISBN-10: 1137304529

ISBN-13: 9781137304520

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ISBN-13: 9781349453719

Quantity II proposes radical reform (1) of the accounting procedure – to deliver company administration below the keep watch over of marketplace forces; and (2) of the tax procedure – to let the financial system to develop to its complete strength and to set up an automated mechanism for rate balance with none arbitrary intervention.

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But all monetary claims are not normally increased in line with prices and incomes; and that is where the trouble starts. A debtor, who the night before the twelve-fold increase in prices owed a debt equal to his salary for a whole year, on the morning-after owes the equivalent of his salary for only one month; but the debtor’s gain is the creditor’s loss. The tendency of the debtor to grumble as loudly as the creditor about rising prices gives the misleading impression that inflation is a bad thing for all the players.

Few people (whether “Leicestershire simpletons” or not) are foolish enough to dispute the theorem that a free-market system is hypothetically “capable of making some people better off without making anyone worse off”. They campaign against it when it actually fails to do so – and against those who wilfully ignore the difference. The greatest contribution that can be made to the cause of free trade is to keep repeating that the Law of Competition is not enough: Under laissez-faire, perfect competition could lead to massive inequality, to malnourished children who grow up to produce more malnourished children, and to the perpetuation of inequality of incomes and wealth for generation after generation.

152] This has provoked “anti-capitalist” protests directed at the laissez-faire system itself. It is possible, however, that there is a better solution than smashing the system. There is no point in killing the Golden goose just because it has an inconvenient habit of laying its eggs in the wrong places. That is something which can be confirmed by examination of the problems of globalisation in Chapter 4. 4 Globalisation: Blessing or Curse? “Globalisation” is the product of two world-wide revolutions: one in economics, the other in technology.

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