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By Jonathan Harris, Timothy Venning

ISBN-10: 1403917744

ISBN-13: 9781403917744

This ebook offers an entire chronology of the Byzantine Empire to the autumn of Constantinople on may perhaps 28, 1453. The occasions indexed are commonly political and armed forces with a few cultural heritage. every year occupies round one web page of the text.
Timothy Venning is a contract researcher. Jonathan Harris is Senior Lecturer in Byzantine background at Royal Holloway, collage of London.

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From Formal Dedication of Constantinople 330–476 29 10 January Theodosius orders that all churches be served by orthodox bishops. May New ‘Oecumenical Council’ opens at Constantinople under Patriarch Miletius of Antioch, but no Papal representative and Miletius’ position questioned; Miletius dies, and Patriarch Gregory of Constantinople proposes restoration of rival Paulinus whereupon he is attacked too, offers resignation, and Theodosius accepts it; Miletius’ ally Flavius sent to Antioch, and popular civilian praetor Nectarius (not even baptised) appointed at Constantinople; Gregory retires to Cappadocia.

Deaths of Julians’ uncle Count Julian and finance-minister Felix. Athanasius expelled from Alexandria again. 5 March Julian leaves Antioch; his army and fleet cross frontier 6 April to descend Euphrates, taking Perisabora and Morozamalcha where Julian joins in assaults, to cross via canal to the Tigris at Ctesiphon while cousin Procopius marches down Tigris via Adiabene; Procopius fails to arrive on time, so Julian abandons siege of Ctesiphon, burns ships, and marches up-river; 26 June he is fatally wounded in side by arrow during skirmish, probably by assassins, and dies aged 31 or 32; 27 June Christian officer Jovian elected Emperor by officers as compromise as Constantius’ old generals and Julian’s loyalists oppose each other’s nominees.

August Eutropius takes sanctuary in Hagla Sophia, where John protects him but forces him to listen to sermon denouncing his greed and vanity, and is dismissed and exiled to Cyprus; soon recalled for trial and executed at Chalcedon. Praetorian Praefect Eutychian dismissed too; Aurelian’s appointment annoys Gainas. West 26 November Death of Pope Siricius; 27 November Anastasius elected. East Gainas encamps at Chalcedon, and Arcadius has to call on him and accept his demand to be made ‘Master of Both Services’, supreme military commander; he condescends to accept John’s mediation and abandon demand for execution of his leading opponents Aurelian and Saturninus who flee court.

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