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By Rawn Clark

ISBN-10: 1453859039

ISBN-13: 9781453859032

Multiplied and up-to-date moment version of Rawn Clark's useful commentaries on Franz Bardon's 3 books: "Initiation Into Hermetics", "Practice of Magical Evocation" and "Key to the real Kabbalah". incorporates a new, extra in-depth statement on IIH. absolutely listed!

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For these exercises with the internal organs, I recommend that you purchase an anatomical chart that shows exactly where each of the human body’s internal organs is situated. Knowing where to focus your awareness will greatly aid your work. When you have succeeded in focusing your awareness in each of your body parts and organs and have breathed the factual Vital Energy into and out of each one, then it is time to begin working with the dynamic accumulation of the factual Vital Energy. With dynamic accumulation, we are confining the energy within a limited space and building the density of the energy within that space.

Most obviously, you can periodically accumulate more Vital Energy within the space and thus revitalize its accumulated dynamism. Or, you can instruct the accumulation to continuously draw Vital Energy from the Universe and thus maintain its own dynamism without your needing to recharge it yourself. Again, this is accomplished with your creative imagination in combination with your force of will. First you mentally command that the accumulation replenish itself from the Universal supply of Vital Energy and then you visualize this replenishment happening.

Increase your accumulation until you reach the desired size sphere of radiant Vital Energy surrounding you. For example, if you wish to impregnate a room with your radiation, then the sphere would need to be sizable enough to completely encompass the room. If you wish to dynamically accumulate the radiant Vital Energy within a defined space, then you will keep inhaling the Vital Energy, increasing its dynamism within your body and thus its radiant 51 intensity. Simultaneously, you will need to use your creative imagination and force of will to keep the radiant energy confined within the spatial limits you desire and thus create a dynamic accumulation of the radiant Vital Energy.

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