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By John Lloyd, John Mitchinson

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QI are again with a smorgasbord of proof much more superb than their final bestselling buffet sensation - 1,227 QI evidence To Blow Your Socks Off.

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At the age of nine, the Carthaginian leader Hannibal took an oath of perpetual hatred against the Romans. At the age of ten, Pharaoh Rameses II was a captain in the army and had his own harem. The Roman emperor Caligula took revenge on the sea for sinking his father’s fleet by attacking the English Channel. Kayak is an Inuit word meaning ‘man’s boat’; strictly speaking, the Olympic women’s version should be called the umiak competition. A bronze in kayaking is Togo’s only Olympic medal, won in 2008 by a man who had only been to Togo once.

Different branches on the same ash tree can be male, female or both at once. Oysters change their sex up to four times a year. Fruit bats enjoy fellatio. Men are more likely to die during sex if they’re cheating on their wives. More than one-third of men using dating sites are already married. More than one-third of married Canadians sleep in separate rooms. Ptolemy VII married his sister Cleopatra II, who was also his brother’s widow. So his wife was not only his sister but his sister-in-law. Einstein, Rachmaninoff, Darwin, H.

L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey. The Kama Sutra provides advice on tongue-twisters and cockfighting. In the Middle Ages, erect penises were thought to be full of pressurised air. The pistol shrimp uses jets of water to generate a sonic boom as loud as Concorde’s. ‘Skunk’ comes from the Algonquian word seganku, meaning ‘he who squirts’. A startled hagfish can unleash more than five gallons of defensive slime. Uliginous means ‘having a slimy nature’. Slugs dislike copper; their slime reacts with it and gives them an electric shock.

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